Hackers primarily try to do something malicious etc. If you have every tried hacking into a database server, you should just give up because the F-BOMB is probably better. What happens when you add cheap material, 8GB of flash memory, and some radio and Wi-Fi crackers with some special algorithms? You get the best spying device ever. With this you can monitor everything in a tiny little computer that is under $50.

The F-BOMB is probably the sneakiest little thing that you have ever seen that can looks like a CO detector. The sneaky device was created by Brendan O’Connor and was funded by DARPA. The way that this interesting gadget works is that it runs on a Linux operating system and can crack into your target’s wifi and you can do anything from there. The way that you can use this interesting gadget is pretty cool.

The best way to use the F-BOMB is to actually disguise it as a CO detector. You can check out the photo below to see what I am talking about. The truth is, it really does blend in.

So you can just plug it in where ever you wish in your target’s building and then go home, connect to your device and you are on to work! If you want to know how it even connects to the internet, it actually cracks whatever Wi-Fi it comes to. Pretty cool? It justs cracks the Wi-Fi, connects to the internet and then you can control it over the internet (it would be best if you could cover your IP address.)

Another way (no image) that you can set it up is that you can attach this onto an AR Drone (a robot quadcopter  that can be controlled by your iPhone and has 2 cameras and a sonar sensor. It costs around $300.) It uses the energy of the re-chargeable battery for it to work and you can just fly by and hack! The second way is to add a battery pack on to the F-BOMB and drop it from your AR Drone. (So then you can drop it on their yard and you can begin to spy!)

The best part though, is that all this only costs $50 (not including the AR Drone). You have to assemble it by yourself and then you can applicate any way you want to. So it is kind of open-source (in a way because you can applicate how ever you want to.) This is probably the best spying device because if you lose it, no one can find out any information about you, and now one will even know what happened.

The best spying device is here, and yet it is very, very cheap. So why don’t we trying using this interesting new gadget? You can say that you bought a CO monitor and you can spy on your older sister, your best friends that you suspect of talking behind your back or even your worst enemy. Why not try to put these in the Apple HQ to figure out what Apples plans to do in the future of their company with Tim Cook? Remember, no one will know. :)